About Us

Amidst all of the noise and options on the internet, we want to thank you for choosing to learn about Human of Impact!

Our Values

Human of Impact is a hub for ethical living and activism.

Every piece of content that we publish aims to follow these core values…

Practical & Constructive Solutions

There’s no fluff or bullsh*t here. This way, progress can be effective and efficient. 🙂

Daily Intentional Action

True change is achieved with consistent patterns of intentional actions – even imperfect actions!

Respect & Dignity For The Living and Non-Living

Yep. We respect the value and life cycle of humans, animals, plants, and even your old clothes!

People Over Money

We value the inherent value of every human, animal, and ecosystem in this world over money. It’s that simple.

Trust & Transparency

We all thrive with high levels of trust and transparency. That’s why we credit our sources and are transparent about where our profits go.


“Helping out” isn’t always enough. It’s often temporary and ineffective. We are taking the step to strive for long-term empowerment and self-sustainability.

What Do We Offer?

We work hard to connect you to resources and “how to” lifestyle content that aligns with your values.

Ethical Living Directory
(brands, films, books, organizations, etc.)
Guides on developing conscious habits in fashion, food, health, etc.
Inspiration for appetizing meals & stylish outfits that are consciously produced
Creative and conscious activism resources that extend beyond shopping and eating habits

How We Give Back

Here’s our process:

1.) We connect amazing people like you with high-quality, practical resources that you’ll actually use

2.) We earn revenue from certain product referrals and sponsorships

3.) We reinvest our profits into the organizations below every 90 days (that’s how long it takes for us to get paid by some sponsors)

This is by no means a complete list! In fact, we support the many organizations in our directory that cover a wide range of ethical causes.

However, we try to reinvest into grassroots organizations and credible, smaller-scale charities that don’t usually receive as much funding as larger organizations. We also change the percentages of donations to each organization based on the current urgency of social injustices.


Kiva is a crowdfunding loan platform that makes sure our donations directly help underserved communities thrive.


Polaris works to dismantle the systems that make modern slavery possible and profitable in North America.

Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality takes urgent action in politics, business, and in daily life to create global solutions for our climate crisis.

Black Rainbow

Helps remedy a wide range of health outcomes like suicide and non-suicidal self-harm in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI community.

Mother 2 Mother

Mother 2 Mother trains and helps to empower HIV-positive women with jobs as community health workers so that they can guide families towards good health.

The Grameen Foundation

Enables the poor – especially women – with innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to fight against chronic hunger and poverty.