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Are you a creative, influencer, or brand that is active in the ethical & sustainable living world? We’d love to collaborate with you! Here’s how it works…

For Creatives + Influencers

Whether you are a blogger, influencer, or expert in your field, we have a writing opportunity for you!

What Writers Get

Minimum of 2 backlinks for quality SEO

Your article can contain 2 backlinks to your website or social profile. Our team might add more depending on the content of your article. No affiliate links!

Prominent byline below your article to attract visitors to your website

Cellulite is fat that is caught between bands of connective tissue directly beneath.

Minimum of 13 social posts scheduled within the following 365 days

Once your article is published, we create a minimum of 8 Twitter and Facebook posts + 5 Pinterest pins for the following year. We will recycle this content so that your article receives evergreen traffic.

Report of your article’s scheduled marketing plan

Once your article is published, we send you an email that includes:

  • total # of backlinks in your article
  • total # social posts and their schedule
Photos that you submit will have alt text with your name + social tag for SEO

“alt text” is the photo data that Google reads and analyzes to rank relevant keywords and websites. If you use your own photos in your article, we give you credit and make sure Google can read it.

Newsletter + Podcast features

We’ll add you to our database of contributors. If we reference your article in our newsletter or podcast, we will:

  • give you credit in the piece
  • send you snippets to share with your audience

Contributor Guidelines

01. Suggest your own ideas

We want to feature YOUR talent! So you must suggest your own headline ideas.

06. No affiliate links, BS, or fluff

Human of Impact celebrates and celebrates facts and the voices of the people. Moreover, we believe that when someone loves your article, they will naturally find ways to support you on your website.

05. Must be new + focused content

Your article must be new and CANNOT be published on other sites. Since we value and try to amplify unique voices, your article must also focus on the topic rather than on promotion.

02. Minimum 700 words

We love informative content that is between 1500-2000 words. However, engaging & high-quality content can come in many forms. That’s why we require a 700 word minimum.

03. Any images submitted must be YOUR own images

We take intellectual property very seriously! So, if you submit your article with ANY images, they MUST be images that you took on your own. Otherwise, we will not include them in the article.

04. Casually written in your own voice & style

We consider your article to be a celebration of your voice on a topic that our platform covers. Please be yourself! We will make edits so that the article fits the style of our brand, but your talent comes first.

The Contributor Process

Step 1

Fill out the collaboration form.

Remember: We want to feature YOUR talent. So make sure to have some ideas ready!

Step 2

We collaborate with you to confirm the article headline.

Step 3

We collaborate with you to confirm your article’s outline + deadline.

Step 4

You submit your article to us so that we can review it.

Step 5

Our team reviews your article for formatting, grammar, and consistency to the proposed idea.

Step 6

You review our edits.

Step 7

We schedule your article and notify you of the publish date!

Step 8

Once the article is published, we send you a report on your article’s backlinks and social sharing schedule on our end.

For Brands

We are open to partnerships and collaborative media campaigns that align with our core values.

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